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    hand forged in Vermont

  • Available Knives

    in stock knives, one offs and specials

    puñal one-off
    PI style 80Crv2 puñal with micarta scales
    Coming soon
    edc snubby bowie variant in forged, distal tapered 80CrV2, natural micarta scales.
    Coming soon
    Small Hawk
    one-off small hawk in 5160-distalled haft and head, differential tempered. stabilized 550 battlewrap, kydex included
    Coming soon
    Headhunter hawk
    forged 5160, based on the Igorot style axe. distal tapered haft, differential hardened edge and spike with stabilized 550 wrap
    Coming soon
    80CrV2 Ruination
    satin finish Ruination bowie, walnut and mild steel fittings
    Coming soon
    AP Scraper
    handforged, distal tapered 80CrV2 and micarta. the two pictured are available, please specify which you would like
    Coming soon
    street barong
    distal tapered, differential hardened 80CrV2. zero convex grind standard, flat grind and flat/convex hybrid available by custom order. 5-6" blade.
    Coming soon
    Ruination Bowie
    Ruination in 80CrV2, blued mild steel and walnut hilt. 3/8" to nothin' distal taper
    Coming soon
  • Standard Models

    All models available in my san mai damascus. call or write for pricing.

    standard hunter

    designed for medium and large game

    standard hunter: 4" blade of 5160 or 1084 standard, 52100,80CrV2 and damascus available. Cherry or walnut hilt , aluminum guard (standard) brass ($10 extra). $300 base price with pouch sheath. call for damascus 0r

    Damascus and 52100 pricing.


    survival/camp knife

    Woodsrunner camp/survival knife: 5-1/2 to 7" blade lengths in 5160,52100 or 80CrV2 steel-hilt and bolster options same as the Hunter.

    puuko utility

    based on traditional Finnish design

    Puukko utility: 5160, 52100, 1084 or 80CrV2 steels available, lenghts from 3-7". 4" 5160 or plain carbon, $260 with above hilt options.

    bird and trout

    small enough for small game, tough enough for deer

    Bird and Trout-3-3/4 inch blade with 2-7/8" cutting edge. 52100 steel standard, aluminum guard. Small enough for small game, strong enough for everything else. I really like these. $285

    basic bushcraft

    special order

    Basic Bushcraft Knives: 1/8" 1084 standard, through hardened and differential tempered. Micarta handle (other options available). Kydex belt sheath. Hardened notch at base of edge for use with magnesium fire starters-no more cut fingers or dulled edges. $225, + $10 for tek-lok.

    street barong

    A Moroland classic for the 21st century

    a compact modern twist on the Moro barong. available in standard and lightweight variants and blade lengths from 4" to 9". prices starting at $320


    a lot of cut in a small package

    generally done out of bar ends from the forging process, generally 80Crv2 or 5160...differential hardened with a stabilized hemp cord battlewrap. $125. hollow, flat or zeroo ground convex available

  • Bowies

    Ruination Bowie

    my own take on the traditional coffin handle, built to customer specs

    8-1/2" to 12" blades, available with my own improved dropped coffin hilt-leather or kydex slip sheath with belt stud. full distal taper, well balanced and fast. generally zero ground convex, flat/convex hybrid grind available
    Prices: 80CrV2 with cherry or walnut hilt and kydex, $600. Exotic woods starting at $610. call for damascus prices. leather sheath add $25.

    Damascus Ruination

    pattern welded variant with modern hilt

    21st Century Natchez bowies

    EDC coffin in a traditional build

    - 5-3/4 inch blades, my own variant of the classic coffin handle. sheathed in a kydex slip sheath with stud and rare earth magnet for retention. Comfortable and fast, but small enough for everyday carry. top with 1084 blade and osage orange hilt, bottom in 5160 with rosewood.
    differential hardened 80CrV2, cherry or walnut hilt: $375. Rosewood or other exotic wood, starting at $390. 52100 blade, add $25.
    call for damascus pricing.

  • Custom Orders

    Custom orders are the heart of what I do-if you're going to pass a knife along to your grandkids, it should be exactly what you want. Contact me with your design specs (a drawing is very helpful) and I will get right back to you with an estimate.

    Options include the alloy used, wood, bolster materials as well as customer-supplied materials (steel from a family property, or a piece of antler from a deer you took yourself)-email or call for more info.

    scandi hybrid hunters

    flatground pattern welded gent's bowie

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    583 Jug Brook Rd, Marshfield, VT 05658
  • In the Forge

    Each J W Bensinger custom knife begins as a bar of the appropriate alloy, which is then forged to the desired shape-allowing better and more economical use of the material, and more variety in shape and balance than can easily be accomplished otherwise. after initial grinding they are then either differential hardened (giving a soft spine and hard edge) or through hardened and differential tempered, depending on the intended use and geometry of the piece. My preferred steel is 80CrV2, but 52100, L6, 1084 and 1095 are all available.